Residential Architecture

Specializing in new homes and renovations, Sean Key Design provides a range of services tailored to the client’s needs and budget.  Fees are reasonable and range depending the scope of services desired.  The goal is to allow the process of building or renovating your new home to be as enjoyable and anxiety free as possible.  After all, the space being created is your home and escape from the stress of modern life.

Commercial | Multi-family | Hospitality | Architecture

Whether it’s an interior tenant build-out, salon, hotel renovation, multi-family project or restaurant, Sean Key Design offers a unique perspective on commercial design by focusing on human scale, materials and a sense of place.  Currently licensed and insured in the State of Georgia, reciprocity is available in most States to practice architecture.

Developers | Speculative Builders

Sean Key Design has worked with several developers and speculative builders in the past and offers a competitive fee structure to meet the individual needs of speculative building and/or a design-build arrangement.

Architectural & Product Visualization

Visualization services for Architects, Interior Designers and Developers is an integral part of completing a project in this highly competitive environment.  Sean Key Design offers a range of services from rendered still images to animated project films.

Green Design Principles


Good design means designing to use less, a clear relationship between outdoor and indoor, improving quality while reducing quantity, and building for the way you live while allowing for change as your life changes.  A home should be customized to it’s inhabitants. Ceiling heights, natural materials, clean lines, natural light and fresh air make our homes feel like home. Technology allows you to control heat, window coverings, lighting, security sensors and cameras, as well as track energy consumption in real time.


Natural and renewable materials free of unnecessary chemicals create a beautiful, healthy and lasting environment.  We reccommend FSC certified woods, reclaimed lumber, tiles and countertops made of recycled content, and suggest Cradle-to-Cradle products as beautiful yet resource efficient, low impact options.

Energy Conservation

We design to use minimal energy through high-performance insulation and mechanical systems, dual pane glass, proper shading systems and energy star appliances.  Alternative energy systems such as solar and wind is also an option to move closer to a net-zero energy home.

Water Conservation

The earth’s most precious resource, water is clearly one of the most important elements to conserve. High efficiency plumbing fixtures and appliances are a simple way to start. Other options such as collecting rain water for yard irrigation and recycling grey water are available.